Vimit Gandhi: From Engineer to Entrepreneur in digital arts with technology solutions

Bright minds are those who can generate ideas that can lead the world in technology development. Moreover, if their technological innovations help businesses grow, they are true leaders. One such leader is Vimit Gandhi. Raised in India, Vimit has been curious about the world since childhood. He was fascinated with the mechanics of things, tinkering around with different toys and tools to figure out how they worked. He pursued an interest in mechanics and engineering as his academic and professional choice.

Vimit Gandhi

Vimit Gandhi

Vimit earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). He then pursued his MBA from Harvard Business School, a prestigious institution that admits only the most committed and excellent students. He also joined a student exchange program at Purdue University, giving him further exposure to other cultures. He earned honors and a citation on the Dean’s list.

While pursuing his education, Vimit landed his first professional job in 2010 at Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. in Mumbai, India, where he served as a Revenue Management Strategy Manager. Just two short years later, in 2012, Vimit moved to Saudi Arabia to work as a Business Analyst at Qatar Airways, where he increased revenue and market share through strategic sales and pricing strategies. In 2015, Vimit moved to the US to pursue his MBA at Harvard Business School, after which he chose to move to California in 2017, where he joined Fitbit (now part of Google).

One of his biggest roles, however, was as an Associate and Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, where he led several teams in pricing and sales across various industries such as consumer, technology, telecom, travel, and fintech. In this role, he has been a trusted advisor to executive-level clients and helped companies achieve revenue growth between 3-10%  using his impressive sales and commercial strategies. He also gained expertise in advanced data analytics and GenAI applications, a technology that has made him particularly sought-after in the business industry.

Vimit’s biggest dream is to launch a startup to help others enjoy the arts through digital forms—the best way to combine his passion for technology with his passion for photography. So now Vimit is shifting his focus from traditional business to his passion for photography. His drone photographs have reached the final rounds of the Siena Global Drone Photography Awards two years in a row (2022 and 2023).

When thinking about the future, Vimit sees himself ten years from now as the CEO of a successful and unique business, able to impact millions through his products and employment opportunities. He thinks he’s capable of accomplishing this ambitious goal by combining his unique experience of business acumen gained through 12 years of working at different companies, his passion for photography, and his engineering background. He hopes to hire and train the next generation of business experts to earn their own accolades. Vimit’s commitment to lifelong learning has taken him to the peak of his career, and he plans to use it to impact millions of lives.

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